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Competitive Advantages

Jun 22 2016

IRC’s Competitive Advantages stem from:

IRC Legal Compliances, Labor Ethics and Community Responsibility Programs which includes:

  1. Implementing and complying with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Labor & Ethics Code of Conduct  on its own IRC’s corporate office facility in Penang which was audited by RBA/EICC Validated Audit Process  (VAP) and Supplementary Validated Audit Process (SVAP)
  2. Promoting Non-Bonded Labour and Zero Recruitment Fees Programs in collaboration with the Foreign Embassies and Associations
  3. Appointed by Skills Centre and Polytechnics in Kelantan, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu as Industry Career Advisors  
  4. Developing a common discussion platform between the Industries, Associations and Government Agencies on Malaysia Foreign Workers issues -  to educate Industry in fighting and reducing human trafficking offences
  5. Developing an Education-Career Development Forum and Talks with Industries, Skills Centre, Polytechnics and Universities to promote local talent and manpower in Malaysia
  6. Organise Career Talk Forum at High Learning Institutions, Skills Centres, Polytechnics and Universities regularly.
  7. Founded the Malaysian Youth Career Development Club to help youth and graduates to match with the current career skills needed by the Industries


IRC’s devote to its Customers’ Needs in continuing to conduct free Education-Career Development (EduCAD) programs to improve its Clients in the following key factors

  1. Retention rate: Low Turnover and High Attendance rate
  2. Competitive Pricing & Efficiency: Lower Cost and Savings for its Clients
  3. Legality : Compliance to Malaysia Labor Law with valid Labor Dept license and RBA Code of Conduct
  4. Speed: Reducing the Bureaucratic Process in delivering Workers
  5. Reliability: Sourcing Talented and Skilled Workforce from Overseas
  6. Innovativeness: Developing a Comprehensive DataBase Management System through the latest technology and social media.
  7. Commitment: IRC committed to its Quality Service Principles for Continual Improvement and Total Customer Satisfaction.