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Competitive Advantages

Jun 22 2016

IRC’s Competitive Advantages stem from:

IRC Community, Social and Environmental Responsibility Programs which includes:

  1. Implementing and complying with the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) on its own IRC’s corporate office facility in Penang which is independently audited by EICC Validated Audit Process (VAP) without any major or minor findings.
  2. Promoting Non-Bonded Labour Recruitment Programs through its unique Government to Private (G2P) Recruitment Programs in collaboration with the Indonesian Government and its tertiary education institutions.
  3. Developing a common discussion platform between the Industries and Government Agencies on Malaysia and Penang foreign workers agency related issues via FOMADAS (Foreign Manpower Annual Dialogue And Sharing) seminar or magazine.
  4. An effecitve and efficient Foreign Workers Agency and Suppliers in Penang in terms of delivery of foreign workers on time

IRC’s devote to its Customers’ Needs in continuing to conduct Research and Development (R & D) programs which improve its:

  1. Efficiency: Monetary Cost Savings Programs for its Clientele
  2. Speed: Reducing the Bureaucratic Process in delivering Workers
  3. Reliability: Sourcing Talented and Skilled Workforce from Overseas
  4. Innovativeness: Developing a Comprehensive DataBase Management System through the latest technology and social media.
  5. Commitment: IRC committed to its Quality Service Principles for Continual Improvement and Total Customer Satisfaction.