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EduCAD - Work & Study Programme

Jun 23 2016

Building a Sustainable Pool of Local Talent through Career Based Work & Study One Year (1) Program

Developing Sustainable Skilled Workforce and Talent for current and future needs of the Malaysia Industries.

Inter Education Career Development or known as EduCAD Program

Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD Program is a strategic HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partnership initiative to develop local talent pool in line with Malaysia Economic Transformation program (ETP) towards 2020. InterManpower has been appointed by University Technology Malaysia (Space) as their Management Program Centre in Malaysia to develop Malaysians to face the global competitive challenges

In essence, it is a specially designed career based objectives program for SPM school leavers to build solid foundation in:-

  1. Skills Enhancement and Enrichment (Electives - English Communication, Machining, Soldering & Scope etc)
  2. Principle of Adult Learning
  3. Life Working Experiences
  4. Adaption to the Working Culture and Environment
  5. Principles of Management

within the same organisation for one + two (1+2) consecutive years. It is then enriched by two to three (2-3) years of planned education-career related degree program guided by Inter counsellors.

The ultimate objective of Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD program is to retain a sustainable and stable workforce for Multinationals and Malaysian employers.

Under this initiative, various career programs have been initiated to address the current skills labor shortage and unemployable graduates. They include, career building, hands-on skills training, talent optimization, effective education-career counselling and developing talent-career matching for the industries.

This program is carefully planned and executed by Inter Management team who has many years of experiences in managing higher learning education institution.

<p">The Program is 70% work-based related and 30% examination, and tailored for working adult life time learning. It is endorsed by University Technology Malaysia (Space) and supported by relevant Ministries Government and Agencies.

Why Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD Program?

  • Optimization of Local Talent Pool which is critical to the success of Malaysia Transformation Programme (ETP)
  • Development of Stable and Efficient present and future Workforce to ensure Sustainability
  • Provides Clear Career Direction & Guidance for the New Generation Workforce

Key Benefits


  • Learn Valuable Life Learning Working Experience within the same Organisation
  • Earning Income (RM1200-RM1800) while Studying Part Time
  • Pursue Contemporary Career related Education
  • Fully guided by Inter Education Career Development or Inter EduCAD Counsellors to select the Right Career Direction
  • Ability to Increase Income through Promotion and Recognition
  • Will NOT forever remain as Operators or any low skilled labor


  • Sustainable and Stable Workforce
  • Ability to Develop Future Skilled Workforce (eg HR officer, Procurement/Supply Chain officer, Quality Management officer and Production officer)
  • Ability to Develop Supervisory and Middle Management Workforce
  • Increase Productivity and Competent Workforce
  • Less Dependence and Save Foreign Workers Hiring Cost (Levy, Visas, Dormitory, Air Tickets, and Recruitment Fees)
  • Avoid the Risk of Hiring Bonded Labor and Human Trafficking

Purpose of Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD Program

The program is aimed to help the weak, average and poor SPM graduates who are interested to work and further study through the practical education career path instead of the traditional tertiary education path.

It is also organised to help SPM school leavers who need dedicated and professional career planning advisors to guide them after completing their education institutions. They don't just need Job but a planned and systematic Career Guidance by professionals.

Today, we witnessed many young fresh degree graduates who are not employable, possess attitude problems, and more often they change jobs frequently, and it apparently reflected in their resumes and affected future career advancement.

Besides, Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD will also prevent the increased of secondary schools students involved in vice activities. According to Federal Police NKRA Secretariat Director Comm Datuk Wira Ayob Yaakob, crime involving secondary school students has increased by 2.6 times in the first 6 months of 2013 and recorded 873 cases compared to 335 cases within the same period of 2012 (The Star Wed Oct 30, 2013 refers).

Duration of Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD Program – 3 years only.

Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD program is designed for years (3) years of gaining valuable working experience through the contemporary “work and study programme” in manufacturing or service sectors with attainment of

  1. “Executive Certificate in Manufacturing & Operation Management”
  2. or “Executive Certificate in Manufacturing & Operation Management” with "Special Skills" and followed by
  3. Executive Diploma in Management with University of Technology Malaysia (Space) in the specialization of Human Resource, Production, Procurement/Supply Chain and Quality Management in Year 2 and Year 3.

The participant only pursue for the Degree program directly with the Malaysia Open University or Wawasan University after they have worked for more than 3 years or attained the aged 21 years old.

The Advantages

The advantages of Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD program are to enable SPM graduates to expose and experience the practical and challenging working environment in both the manufacturing and service sectors. Thus, understanding and meeting beyond employers’ expectations and ultimately aimed to become employable employees.

The enrichment of working experiences, job knowledge, industry exposure and coupled with the pursuance of education diploma/degree of their choice will provide an impetus beginning to the success of Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD program and they will be recognised by the employers, Moreover, their gross income may be even higher than the local fresh diploma/degree graduate through the tertiary education path.

IRC’s Roles & Responsibilities

IRC, who is the founder of Inter Education Career Development or Inter EduCAD program, is also licensed HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Recruitment Agency is the first HR company in Malaysia who has completed the Global Electronic Industry Code of Conduct = Validated Audit Process (EICC- VAP) without any audit findings.

IRC provides free ProfessionalCareer counselling and guidance throughout this program. Among the activities organised by IRC are secondary schools/college career talks, factory or organisation study tour, attitude and aptitude interview test and job placements.

Category of Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD Program Participants

The following SPM school leavers are encouraged to participate in this Program:

  • Those who are academically weak, average and interested to work and study part time ;
  • Those who are from poor family background and do not have financial support to study at private college and/or universities;
  • Those who prefer to gain working experiences before pursuing their preferred diploma or degree courses.
  • Those who have worked in the Industries for many years but without any qualifications and are due to be promoted by their Companies  (to be sponsored by Companies)

Upon completion the Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD Program

The participants will gain the followings: “ The 5 Career - Es “:

  • Career Experiences – Participants tend to gain practical working experiences and skills at different departments of the organisation and they are trained to be humble and responsible person.
  • Career Exposure – Participants will be able to manage work stress and pressure as they are exposed to different working behaviour and culture in organisation within the first 3 years of the program.
  • Career Employment – Participants are employed and paid at the minimum wage according to Malaysia Labor Law and under the Malaysian Employment Act. They are paid EPF and Socso, and build good resumes in their personal profile
  • Career Education – Participants will be guided to learn and attend practical trainings on positive attitude, motivation and human relationship skills, work knowledge and presentation skills while working and with such valuable skills and knowledge, they will further enhance their study in related diploma and degree courses.
  • Career Enrichment – Throughout the entire five (5) years programme, the participants will develop a solid foundation in shaping their personal characteristics, positive working attitude, confidence-level and self-esteemed, formal education, financial income, responsibility and humility.

Upon completion of Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD Program, the participants will be highly recognised and demanded by Global Employers. This makes them employable and able to command high income not only after the programme but the experiences in Inter Education Career Development or EduCAD will continue to enhance their life-time career development strategies which is in line with Malaysia Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) of achieving high income status by 2020.