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Labor Sustainability Program

Jun 23 2016

1. IRC Sustainability Declaration Program – Business Code & Ethics Policy
IRC conforms to RBA (EICC) Business Code and Ethics Policy and always ensures our management team and staff to adhere to the business code of conduct by refraining from offering bribes, incentives or commission to any of our customers’ staff or government authorities for procuring of any business projects or contracts, or obtaining approvals or quota for hiring of foreign workers.

This is in keeping with our General Business Principles, where bribery, corruption and collusion are prohibited to ensure a fair business and competitive pricing to our customers. The other topics covered in the Declaration include labour and human rights, health and safety, confidentiality, environmental impact, ethics, and management systems.


2. IRC Labor Ethics Management Policy is recognised by Foreign Governments
The Foreign Governments under the National Board of Placement and Protection of Indonesia Foreign Workers in Malaysia and Philippine Embassy in Malaysia had recognised IRC for its good labor ethics management practices after several labor ethics management audits were conducted by its labor protection and legal department. In Dec 2010, the Government signed an MOU with IRC to allow IRC to recruit Indonesian skilled foreign workers (technicians & operators) directly from Indonesia education and technical institutions and not through recruitment agencies to work at MNCs in Malaysia.


3. IRC Sustainability Declaration and Involvement Program to our Customers are built on:

a. Develop our commitment by complying to the latest standard RBA (EICC) Code of Conduct;
b. Meeting and understanding our Customer requirements and priorities through continual trainings of our staff and workers;
c. Ensuring our management systems are regularly validated and audited by International RBA auditors
d. Working closely with our Customers at all levels of departments to resolve issues
e. Engage our customers in dialogue and sharing of the latest government policies and human rights

As part of our important role in the customer-supplier sustainability process, IRC directly invested and involved in the Global RBA Audit preparation program as we treated sustainability as an integral part of our long term strategy partnership & collaboration with our valued customers in the human resource management industry.


4. Regular RBA Validated Audit Programs

IRC demonstrates the resolution of any zero-tolerance non-compliances before the first delivery services to our customers. As part of our commitment in the sustainability program, we will go through a full scope of regular audit with RBA auditors. Our audits are based on RBA Validated Audit Program (VAP) or SVAP, and the objectives of the audit is to verify that we work in accordance with our Customer requirements as their “RBA Compliance Non-Risk Supplier” and if necessary, to identify areas and ways for improvement together with our customers. During these audits the auditor cross-check data from multiple sources to ensure validity. Interviews with local and foreign workers and senior management are a standard part of the audit, as well as auditing our dormitories for emergency preparedness, health and safety issues and a review of different records, policies and procedures.

During these audits, the external auditors visited our office for a 2-3 man-days audit covering the complete office facility, workers and dormitories. During the feedback session at the end of the good audit practices, areas for improvement and suggestions for corrective and preventive actions were discussed between the auditors and our senior management.

Understanding of our compliance requirements is enhanced by our comprehensive workers management procedures and manuals prepared prior to full scope audits to identify and correct critical issues. This is particularly valuable for new team of management staff or customers who have not been exposed to the RBA Code of Conduct

For reasons of independence, professionalism and capacity, we have implemented a policy that requires third parties to conduct initial and continual conformance audits. All of these audits were performed by external auditing bodies.

We are required to pay our third party audits, an effective way of embedding RBA requirements into our organisation’s core values, and finally we take ownership of our achievement and performance.


5. Good Practices and Social Responsibility Programs

As part of our annual Corporate Social Responsibility programs, we have been participating in anti-human trafficking awareness programs and campaigns. These activities are jointly organised with Malaysian Governments (Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Human Resource) and Council of Anti Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrant Malaysia (MAPO) together with Malaysia National Human Resource Associations (PUSMA).  These collaboration programs with the Governments and PUSMA are aim to explore new ways to engage local government, Labor NGOS, Associations, employers and workers, and to introduce more sustainable ways of addressing issues of human trafficking, labor abuses and other labor issues of foreignt workers in Malaysia.

Michael Heah
Group Chief Executive Officer
IRC Group of Companies