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KUALA LUMPUR: Human Resources Minister, M Kulasegaran said the Ministry intend to revise the Employment Act 1955 but the needs and interests of all parties must be taken into consideration first.

“There are many interested parties that want to express their views, and we must allow that before presenting any proposal to the Attorney-General’s Chambers,” he told theSun after presenting a keynote address at a Malaysian Institute of Management conference on “Future Ready HR Profe

IPOH: Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran said Malaysians will always be given priority over foreigners when it comes to job opportunities.

This after he said there was a misconception from the public that the government preferred to take in foreign workers.

“I have to stress on this because a lot of people think we give priority to foreign workers, which is not true."

“Our focus has always been Malaysians first and we will continue doing so, ” he said, addin

PETALING JAYA: Ministry of Human Resources, under the The Manpower Department Training Institutes (ILJTM) is ready to train Malaysians to face any future job demands.


The Human Resources Ministry said ILJTMs were ever willing to provide training to help workers upskill, reskill and gain relevant qualifications to help them move up the career ladder or to be reskilled for another job.


“Automation is upon us and there are some traditional jobs that will b

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