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PETALING JAYA: The government of Nepal announced it has barred its workers from coming to Malaysia with immediate effect. This after the Nepalese government expressed its unhappiness with “restrictive” immigration requirements to its workers before they can gain full employment in the country. This includes having to go through a private company for security and medical check-ups as part of the visa requirement.

Nepal Embassy labour attache Sanmaya Ramtel confirmed that her govern

PETALING JAYA: Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran said the system currently in place for the recruitment of migrant workers from Bangladesh has been suspended by the Government.

Kulasegaran told The Star yesterday that the suspension will last until a full investigation has been completed into allegations that a syndicate was operating as a human trafficking scheme to exploit these workers.

“The previous administration managed the whole recruitment process like a busi

PETALING JAYA: At least RM2mil was raked in by a human trafficking syndicate, spearheaded by a Bangladeshi businessman with alleged political connections with the Home Ministry, in just two years from Bangladeshi workers who were looking to land jobs in Malaysia.

An investigation revealed that the workers paid RM20,000 each to their local agents who then paid half of the sum to the syndicate to facilitate work permit approvals and flight tickets to Malaysia.

It is learned tha

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