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Career Guidance

Career Guidance Program is conducted regularly to our workers, to listen their feedback and grievances at work and hostel. This program allows a proper channel of communication for our workers to raise grievances and INTER  to resolve their grievances before it escalates.

Career Consultation

Career Consultation Program is one of INTER  Support Services Programs to resolve HR issues and misunderstandings between three (3) parties – The Employer (HR), Worker (Local Worker) and INTER. Through this program, we have successfully increases retention rate by 85% with majority issues arises from miscommunications.


Career Training

Career Training Program is one of INTER Career Development Programs to train, up-skill and re-skill existing employees and local workers who are interested to develop themselves for latest knowledge, skills and career promotions within their existing organisation. Those interested, shall need to apply to their HR Department and can be claimed under HRDF schemes.

Career Education

Career Education Program comprises part time Diploma/Degree education program with University Technology Malaysia, School of Professional and Continuing  Education (SPACE) to help local workers to develop their career path. They are mainly workers who have gained at least 3 years of working experiences but with only SPM, STPM, SKM level and wish to pursue to Diploma or Degree qualification under MQA certification.