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INTER Group’s commitment to SDG Goals

"The progress of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are lagging behind where only 15% of the targets are on track. It needs USD500 billions in annual extra funding from wealthy nations...
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InterManpower.Com recommends actions to improve Malaysia ATIP Status

A good sharing session between InterManpower.com Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer, Michael Heah and Malaysia Human Resource Minister YB Sivakumar on recommended actions to be taken seriously to help Malaysia to improve its ATIP...
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InterManpower & Penang State Government on promoting local talents

InterManpower together with State Government YB Dato' Haji Abdul Halim Hussain on promoting local talent with multiple skills trained as per industries' needs. They are also trained on career development programs which aim to...
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InterManpower & MoHR in overcoming local workers issues in industries

InterManpower during a meeting with Ministry of Human Resource to discuss on issues pertaining local workers. Together with YB Deputy Minister of Human Resource, InterManpower has developed an ecosystem to help industries to retain...
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Better accommodation for foreign workers, employers urged

Employers have been urged to comply with the requirements stated in Act 446 to provide decent accommodation for their foreign workers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Director of the Legal and Enforcement Division of...
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Govt urged to review proposal on foreign workers

The government should review the proposed new condition whereby companies are allowed to hire foreign workers by paying for the repatriation of undocumented migrants in the immigration depot, says the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers...
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