Certification of Appreciation

Agensi Pekerjaan IRC Sdn Bhd was awarded Certification of Appreciation from Ministry of Human Resource, Labor Department Director-General Dato’ Mohd Jeffrey Bin Joakim for placement of local workers in Career Development Programs in the industrial sector.

Certified ISO 9001/2015

We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified in Quality Management System

IRC Global Search (M) Sdn Bhd

InterManpower.Com Sdn Bhd

Agensi Perkerjaan IRC Sdn Bhd

The Malaysia Skills Development Dept Certified

Mr Micheal Heah, CEO of INTER Career Development Centre had successfully completed the Advanced Diploma in Career Guidance Management and Diploma in Career Guidance Services.

EICC Validated Audit Process (VAP)

IRC Global Search (M) Sdn Bhd completed the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) or Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct Validated Audit Process (VAP) without major and minor findings in 2013.

Speaker at the Asia Pacific NGO Conference on Anti Human Trafficking in 2014

With their persistent effort to a “voice” to the global labor community on Anti-Human Trafficking activities issues at the Asia Pacific level, Mr Micheal Heah, CEO of INTER Career Development Centre, had participated in various Anti-Human Trafficking seminars and forums.

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

Responsible Business Alliance Qualification Test for SVAP in 2018

EICC Labor and Ethics Lead Auditor Program by Verite in 2015

Mr Micheal Heah, CEO of INTER Career Development Centre had completed the EICC Lead Auditor for Labor & Ethics Program by Verite in 2015.

SA8000 Certificate

Ethical Practices and Fair Labor Management in compliances to RBA and Implementation & Practice of SA8000

Throughout the years, the professional team of INTER practices ethical and fair labor management to the local and foreign workers in Malaysia where all the workers receive similar salary package as the factory own direct-hired workers, protected with secure, emergency preparedness, safe and healthy hostel facilities. Foreign workers will keep their own passports; pay zero recruitment fees, with freedom of movement, freedom of association and non-discrimination of treatment.