The principal business activity of INTER is mainly focus on Ensuring Employability and Retention of workers in our Clients workforce. It includes developing successful tailored made comprehensive career development programs to retain and motivate our Clients’ workforce.
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Under this one-stop CMS Services, INTER recruits local fresh graduates and youth who are above 18 years old as Career Trainees and provide the following valued services.

  1. Recruitment from Outstation
    Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah & Sarawak
  2. 12 – 24 months of Guaranteed Periods
  3. Salary Management
  4. Transportation Management (Optional)
  5. Hostel Management
  6. Career Guidance & Consultation
  7. Outpatient Medical
  8. Career Trainees Performance Assessment

These Career Trainees (CT) will be working at the Clients premise between 1-2 years and thereafter the trainees will be converted to become Clients’ permanent employees after assessing their behavior pattern, attendance, attitude, discipline, skills, knowledge, efficiency, commitment and overall good performance.
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To support CMS, INTER organises Career Development Programs also known as PROGRAM PEMBANGUNAN KERJAYA ANAK MALAYSIA (PEKAM) at its career centres throughout Malaysia. These are complementary career development programs in collaboration with the Communities, Higher Learning Institutions, Government Agencies, and Industries to assist Malaysian fresh graduates and youth in developing their CAREER PATH to ensure success in achieving goals, dreams and career ambitions during the employee life cycle.

The Career Development Programs consist of:

  1. Pre-Employment Programs are career activities organised as part of Social Responsibilities Programs such as Career Survey, Career Forum and Career Workshop with zero cost to the Malaysian unemployed graduates and youth.
  2. Post-Employment Programs are career activities organised to upskill, reskill and retain workers such as Career Guidance, Career Consultation, Career Trainings, and Education-Career Development (EduCAD) Programs with Universiti Technology of Malaysia (UTM) School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE).
Direct Hiring
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Under this service, INTER recruits the following types of manpower for Manufacturing and Service Sectors under direct employment:

  • General Operation Workers such as Manufacturing Specialists, Operation Specialists, Retail Associates, Store Associates, Hotel Workers etc
  • Technicians – Mechanical / Maintenance / Electronic / Test / Quality Technicians etc
  • Supervisors – Production, Technical, Quality etc
  • Office Workers – Clerical, Cashier, Date Entry Assistant, Storekeeper etc
Local and Foreign Talent Acquisition
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For new foreign investors and MNCs in manufacturing and global business services, INTER provides free Industy Advisory Services and connects the Investors to the Malaysian Government Agencies’ officials from Ministry of Human Resource, MIDA, MITI, MDEC, Invest Penang, Kulim High Tech Park and others related Agencies.

Its professional search executives and career advisors will develop constant supply of Malaysia and Foreign Talent:

  • Senior Managers and Managers
  • Software Engineers and Developers
  • Engineers and Data Analyst
Operators and Technicians
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Foreign Workers are recruited where employers need them.

  • For Factory Operators and General Workers, INTER provides Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam and Myanmar workers which includes approval application to Ministry of Human Resource, Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) and Foreign Embassies according to its national standards of operation.
  • For Technicians Test, Assembly, Maintenance and etc, INTER provides talented and experienced Philippines technicians from Manila and Cebu.
Child Care & Elderly Care
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  1. Comprises mainly Indonesia and Philippines Family Domestic Helpers in both Child Care and Elderly Care.
  2. The helpers are well trained by Foreign Skills Centres in Philippine and Indonesia.
  3. The helpers are recruited legally from source countries through Foreign Embassies.
  4. The helpers are selected by Clients through SKYPE based on personal choice.
  5. Corporate Discount will be provided to INTER Corporate Clients’ employees.
Claimable under HRDF SBL Khas
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HR Training Programs are conducted regularly by HR Specialist, Practitioners and Senior Government Officers related to the latest industries knowledge and information.

Other related Public and In-House Training Programs are also organized to out Clients’ specific requirements.
With University Teknologi Malaysia Space
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INTER is the Program Partner of University Technology Malaysia (UTM), School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE) in Penang where part time 12-24 months Diploma/Degree Programs are organized to help workers to develop a combination of education and career development (EduCAD) skills. It allows workers who are SPM, STPM, SKM and Diploma graduates to continue their education level of Executive Diploma or Degree with 60% of project course work related to their practical working experiences
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Fully furnished Flats / Apartments / Landed Houses are provided to outstation and foreign workers in compliance with Responsible Business Alliances (RBA) Standards and Malaysia Minimum Housing Standards and Employee Facility Act 1990. It includes hostel warden hotline services and Medical CARE in case of emergency.

Transportation management is an optional service and INTER encourages Clients to provide its own transportation facilities to maximise capacity and save daily operation costs.