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Jun 21 2016


Company Background

IRC Group of Companies comprises:

  1. InterManpower.Com Sdn Bhd
  2. Agensi Pekerjaan IRC Sdn Bhd
  3. IRC Global Search (M) Sdn Bhd

IRC Group of Companies with its international brand name and registered trademark known as “INTER” was established in 2002 by its present Group CEO Michael Heah and Chairman Dato Dr Kang Chin Seng. Both InterManpower.Com Sdn Bhd and Agensi Pekerjaan IRC Sdn Bhd are licensed and recognized by Malaysia Ministry of Human Resource under HRDF Training Provider License and Labor Department Recruitment License respectively. Under this License 'C', Agensi Pekerjaan IRC Sdn Bhd is authorise to recruit:

  • Malaysian Manpower & Talent to Global Countries (Singapore,China,Korea, Japan & Others)
  • Malaysian Manpower & Talent to Multinationals and Local Companies in Malaysia
  • Foreign Domestic Workers in Malaysia
  • Foreign Manpower & Talent in Malaysia (Expatriates & Manpower)

in compliance with Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (on Labor & Ethics ) and certified by ISO 9001/2015


Principal Business Activity

The principal business activity of INTER is mainly focus on Ensuring Employability and Retention of workers in our Clients workforce. It includes developing successful tailored made comprehensive career development programs called "Anak EduCAD Program" to retain and motivate our Clients' workforce


Global Operations

INTER global operations focus on providing recruitment and management services to MNCs (from China, US, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan) and also Malaysian companies operating in Malaysia with close collaboration and support with foreign embassies, industries associations and chamber of commerce.

In 2006, INTER was awarded the Most Promising Outsourcing Accredited Foreign Manpower Agency in Malaysia by Philippine Embassy and
In 2010, INTER was awarded the Pilot G2P (Government to Private) Foreign Manpower Recruitment Program in Asia-Pacific region by the Indonesia government.


Mission and Values
INTER's missions and values are based on quality services and strictly adhered to the Malaysian law and regulations. Their main objective is to develop talented Malaysian Youth (Anak EduCAD) through its National Anak EduCAD Program (Education Career Development Program) by 2020 together with Government Linked Skills Institutions, Polytechnics, High Learning Institutions and Universities throughout Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.


Ethical Practices and Fair Labor Management in compliances to Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and Implementation & Practice of SA8000

Throughout the years, the professional team of INTER practices ethical and fair labor management to the local and foreign workers in Malaysia where all the workers receive similar salary package as the factory own direct-hired workers, protected with secure, emergency preparedness, safe and healthy hostel facilities. Foreign workers will keep their own passports; pay zero recruitment fees, with freedom of movement, freedom of association and non-discrimination of treatment. INTER is awarded Certificate of Achievement for completion of “Top Management Awareness & Commitment to the Implementation & Practice of SA8000”



In terms of Labor & Ethics compliances, INTER is recognized by the Responsible Business Alliance - RBA (formerly known as Electronic Industry Code of Conduct) International Auditors for successfully completed VAP compliances audits,  consistency approach in promoting anti-human trafficking practices and social responsibilities. In 2013, they became the first Manpower Agency in Malaysia to achieve and successfully completed EICC Validated Audit Process (VAP) without any Audit Findings and in 2016, Inter had completed the EICC Lead Auditor for Labor & Ethics Program by Verite. 

Besides these, they have also signed the Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) witnessed by Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission and accredited by the Malaysia National Occupation Skilled Standards as the National Career Guider for the country.


With their persistent effort to provide a "voice" to the global labor community on anti-human trafficking activities issues at the Asia Pacific level, they have worked closely with the employers, industries associations, embassies and government agencies to organise public seminars and trainings.

The Group had also signed MOUs with Malaysia Industry Skills Institutes (ILP), Polytechnics and the National Youth Skills Institutes (IKBN) to provide industry training programs as they are accredited by the Malaysia Human Resource Development Fund Bhd as professional trainers and training provider.

Recently, they have formed the Malaysia Youth Career Development Club (Kelab Pembangunan Kerjaya Belia Malaysia) and Inter Career Centre (Pusat Kerjaya Inter) in Kelantan representing the East Coast Corridors and Sabah representing the East Malaysia Corridors. In future, through their career centres in every states, they will develop Career Development Clubs for the secondary schools, colleges and universities students in Malaysia.

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